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Paints in every original colour tone - ready to spray in the aerosol can



The need for original paints for simple and colour-true repairs is diverse and goes far beyond classic car paint repairs.

Whether it's a bicycle, motorbike, roller coaster, gondola or aircraft - the FillClean system offers a process-safe solution for you and your customers.


Process instructions step by step

Filling 1K

Filling process 1K 400ml spray paint can

Step 1

Stir the mixed varnish.

Step 2

Place the filling pad on the indentor until the safety flap is folded down.

Step 3

Trace the pad edge and press firmly.

Step 4

Put on the cylinder, insert the FillClean cap and press it down.

Step 5

Filling with the mixed original colour shade.

Step 6

Carefully insert the can with the filled cylinder into the unit. Note pressure gauge reading: 0.7-1.0 bar.

Step 7

Turn the turntable of the appliance slightly upwards so that the can is fixed.

Step 8

Close the door to the right to trigger filling.

Step 9

Remove the cylinder and cap.

Step 10

Put on the spray head.

Step 11

1. shake can
2. check colour
3. spray valve empty if necessary (see TMB)

Step 12

The pad remains in the cap and thus creates the colour print.

Filling 2K

Filling process 2K 400ml, 250ml spray paint can

Step 0 (2K)

2K can: FillClean cap for filling cylinder and adapter ring as cap holder.

Step 1-9 (2K)

Filling steps 1 - 9 analogue filling 1K (400 ml) Exception: Step 7.

Step 7 (2K)

2K 250ml: Filling adapter is required as height compensation during filling.

Step 10 (2K)

Put on spray head and adapter ring for cap holder.

Step 11 (2K)

Place the release button on the dome with the smooth side and opening facing outwards.

Step 12 (2K)

Carefully put on the cap with the colour marking.

Process instructions

FillClean accessories

Cap set

The FillClean cap set enables cleaning-free filling of SprayMax 2K Fill In for 2K solvent top coats, as well as 1K Fill In cans.

Art. no.: 990 246
PU = 6

Base plate

The sturdy, aluminium FillClean device locking plate enables greater stability of the filling device and perfect, kink-free feeding of the compressed air hose. Delivery includes corresponding drill holes, 4 rubber feet, short fastening screw for the FillClean filling device.

Item no.: 990 242
PU = 1

250ml filling adapter

The FillClean filling adapter is used for filling 250 ml cans and serves to fix the height of the smaller can in a stable position for filling.

Item no.: 990 014
PU = 1

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