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PaintRepair - GRP - Below the waterline

Process instructions step by step

Step 1

If necessary, mask off the area "below the waterline" and roughen it with sanding fleece.

Step 2

Clean with Aqua Silicone Remover.

To the product

Step 3

If necessary, wipe with a dust cloth.

Step 4

First check the colour shade by test spraying.

To the product

Step 5

Painting 1K underwater paint.

To the product

Step 6

Apply 1C underwater paint in 2-3 spray coats. Allow to flash off for 5-10 min. each time.

To the product

Step 7

Allow to dry: Dust-dry after 1 h and ready for assembly after 10-16 h at 20°C.

Step 8


Finished paint structure above and below the waterline.

Before / After

Comparison before and after.

Process instructions