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PaintRepair - GRP - Above the waterline

Process instructions step by step

Step 1


Initial damage

Step 2

Clean damaged areas with Aqua Silicone Remover.

To the product

Step 3

Sand the surface with P80-120.

Step 4

If necessary, rework deeper damage with 2K Lightweight Epoxy Filler.

To the product

Step 5

Then sand the filler areas with P120.

Step 6

Clean the surface with Aqua Silicone Remover.

To the product

Step 7

If necessary, wipe with a dust cloth.

Step 8

Prime with 2K Epoxy Primer Filler.

To the product

Step 9

Apply 2 - 4 coats. Allow 5 - 10 minutes for flash-off between coats.

To the product

Step 10

Check colour shade by test spraying.

To the product

Step 11

Painting of the 2K PUR top coat / colour shade.

To the product

Step 12

Apply 2K PUR top coat evenly in 2-3 spray coats.

To the product

Step 13

Flash-off time between sprays approx. 10-15 min.

Step 14

Allow 2K topcoat to dry: dust-dry after 1.5 h and polishable after 24 h at 20°C.

Step 15

If necessary, polish up dust inclusions and transition zones (possible after 24 h).

Step 16

Check polish with 1K Finish control spray. Spray on evenly.

To the product

Step 17

Rub off finish control spray with microfibre cloth and visually check polished areas.

Step 18

Painting process completed up to topcoat area (above waterline).

Process instructions