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Paint repair plastic

Process instructions step by step

Step 1

Clean the damaged area.

Step 2

Generously polish the damaged area.

Step 3

Machine sand the damaged area P80 to 240.

Step 4

Feather edge damaged area by hand or machine with P320 or finer..

Step 5

Clean with 1K silicone remover.

To the product

Step 6

Prepare with plastic bonding agent (1 thin layer).

To the product

Step 7

Air dry the damaged area (air drying or forced).

Step 8

Prime with 2K Rapid Primer Filler (2-3 coats).

To the product

Step 9

Allow to flash off (approx. 5 min between sprays).

Step 10

IR drying, approx. 15 min at 40 cm distance.

Step 11

Sanding with P400 to P600 Edge zone with P1000.

Step 12

Clean with silicone remover and dust cloth.

To the product

Step 13

Apply basecoat (2-3 thin coats depending on coverage).

To the product

Step 14

Apply 2K Rapid Clear Lacquer (2 spray coats with).

To the product

Step 15

Apply a thin layer of spray paint to the edge zone.

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Step 16

IR drying approx. 15 min.