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Paint Repair Classic Cars

Process instructions step by step

Step 1

Cleaning and polishing.

Step 2

Colour determination.

Step 3

Cover vehicle / sand damaged area with machine P320/P400.

Step 4

Sand the edge zone manually with P600.

Step 5

Clean with 1K silicone remover.

To the product

Step 6

Prime with 2K Epoxy Primer Filler.

To the product

Step 7

IR drying approx. 25 min.

Step 8

Check with 1K control black.

To the product

Step 9

Manual sanding P600.

Step 10

Check for freedom from pores.

Step 11

Clean with silicone remover + dust cloth.

To the product

Step 12

Apply original colour (2-3 thin coats depending on opacity).

To the product

Step 13

Flash-off time between spraying 3-5 min.

Step 14

Apply clearcoat (1 thin coat and 2 full coats).

To the product

Step 15

IR drying approx. 30 min.

Step 16

Finish (sand and polish any paint inclusions).

Process instructions