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Brand promise

More than paint in a can

As a brand of the Peter Kwasny Group, we benefit from over 60 years of development know-how in the manufacture of aerosol cans. More than 25 years ago, we developed the innovative and unique aerosol spray system for professionals. With the development and introduction of SprayMax technology, we enable you to take completely new paths in high-quality painting. Optimally coordinated system products ensure process reliability, best quality and high economic efficiency.

At the Gundelsheim plant, the colours are mixed and filled in our filling plants according to high quality standards. This is done in networked systems where the empty cans are first filled with paint and other solvents and propellant gas at various stations. After being fitted with a valve, spray head and label, they are automatically placed in the cartons. From there, our products are shipped worldwide via the Sinsheim warehouse.

SprayMax products are only produced in Germany in compliance with environmental protection standards. Many years of proven production know-how and continuously improved processes ensure efficiency and reduce energy consumption during production.

During application, the special SprayMax technology effectively ensures reduced material and paint consumption, as well as reduced gas emissions into the environment. In conjunction with the new, water-based lacquers, Kwasny is setting a further example for the future in terms of practised environmental protection.

We already produce over 20% of our plastics, such as the caps, from recycled material.
Recyclates are plastics that have been disposed of at least once and are used for the production of new products.

SprayMax History

The brand is celebrating its 25th anniversary. There is also a special product series Edition PK in honour of the company founder Peter Kwasny.

The brand has been completely overhauled in a new, contemporary corporate design.

The SprayMax UV Paint Repair System is introduced worldwide.

Market entry into the rail segment.

Market entry into the OEM line segment.

The variator spray head goes on the market.

Complete repair system for minor damage.

Market entry with the revolutionary 2K technology.

Market entry with the first 1K products under the brand name SprayMax.

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