The world of spray paints

From the revolutionary idea by the founding father to one of the leading spray paint can manufacturers today.

KWASNY is the company behind the successful brands and products in the 'Spray painting' field. And deservedly, too: because we wrote pioneering history on the European spray paint can market.

And we still are. Every day when we create innovative products and solutions for our customers in the automotive, industry, decorative and DIY sectors across the world - and all 'Made in Germany'.

Welcome to the world of paint sprays.
Welcome to KWASNY.

A new technology conquers the market

The historical milestones of SprayMax

Kwasny International

Quality and practical environment protection

SprayMax products are only manufactured in Germany in compliance with all relevant environment protection standards. The many years of proven production know-how and continuously improved processes ensure efficiency and reduce energy consumption during production.

When used, SprayMax technology effectively cuts down on material and paint consumption, and also the emission of gases into the environment. In conjunction with the new water-based paints, Kwasny makes a further practical contribution to environment conservation!

The World of Spraypaint

Brands and applications