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Paint repair metal

Process instructions step by step

Step 1

Clean the damaged area with 1K Silicone Remover.

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Step 2

Generously polish the surface to be painted.

Step 3

Determine colour tone.

Step 4

Sand damaged area by machine P80- P240 edge zone P320-400.

Step 5

Clean with 1K silicone remover.

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Step 6

Prime with 2K Acid Primer (2 thin coats).

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Step 7

Air-dry the damaged area and sand the edge zone with P500.

Step 8

Prime with 2K acrylic sanding filler (2-3 spray coats).

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Step 9

Allow to flash off (approx. 5 min between sprays).

Step 10

IR drying, approx. 25 min at 40 cm distance.

Step 11

Sanding with P400 to P600 Edge zone with P1000 + P2000.

Step 12

Clean with 1K Aqua Silicone Remover.

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Step 13

Apply basecoat (2-3 thin coats depending on coverage).

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Step 14

Apply 2K clearcoat (2 spray coats with intermediate flash-off).

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Step 15

Apply a thinner to the edge zone.

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Step 16

IR Drying approx. 20 min. at a distance of 30 - 40 cm.

Process instructions