UV Filler

Very efficient, high-yield UV-Filler highly suited for repair paintwork in industrial or trade situations. We recommend the use of UV-A lamps 400 Watt with lamps H400/PE Cures at a UV-A light wave length of 320 - 400 nm or UV-A LED light systems 120 Watt - Cures at a UV-A light wave length of 365 nm. Cures also at an UV-A light wave length of 395 nm depen-ding on intensity of the lamp and time of exposure.

SprayMax-UV Paint Repair is a product system with a specially harmonised formula and effect concept comprising:
UV Filler Art.-Nr.: 680 019
UV Cleaner Art.-Nr.: 680 290
UV Clearcoat Art.-Nr.: 680 059
UV Blender Thinner Art.-Nr.: 680 091


  • Additional spray nozzle
  • High filling capacity
  • Ideal for repaired paintwork
  • Suitable as an insulation filler
  • High productivity

Article number

680019 grey beige (400 ml)

UV Filler

Application notes

Spray pass
Spray pass

Trockenfilmschichtdicke 40 - 50 μm ca. 1 - 2 Spritzgänge

Flash-off time
Flash-off time

End flash time before UV curing: approx. 1 min


After 4 min dried with an UV-A lamp. After 2 min dried with an UV-A lamp.

Sanding 'Wet / dry'(manually)
Sanding 'Wet / dry'(manually)

Wet sanding with i.e. P 1000 - P 2000 or dry sanding with i.e. P 600 - P 800

Technical information sheets

Technical information sheet (680019, EN)

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