UV Blender Thinner

The UV Blender Thinner is a special product for homogenous paint edges in combination with SprayMax UV Clearcoat 680 059.

SprayMax-UV Paint Repair is a product system with a specially harmonised formula and effect concept comprising:
UV Filler Art.-Nr.: 680 019
UV Cleaner Art.-Nr.: 680 290
UV Clearcoat Art.-Nr.: 680 059
UV Blender Thinner Art.-Nr.: 680 091


  • Transition-free edge zones in the blending area
  • Excellent solubility properties
  • No colour deviations
  • Dull when dry, must be polished
  • Specially for polishing

Article number

680091 transparent (400 ml)

UV Blender Thinner

Application notes

Spray pass
Spray pass

Apply several light spray coats onto the spray mist edge zone of the UV-Clearcoat until an homogenous transition is created.


After 4 min dried with an UV-A lamp. After 2 min dried with an UV-A lamp


Especially in combination with the SprayMax UV-Clearcoat

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Technical information sheet (680091, EN)

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