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1K Spot Prime
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Primers / fillers

1K Spot Prime

Zinc chromate-free 1K primer that is fast suitable for small, plane sanded-through areas trough to he bare metal, for example on corners, edges and beads directly before the water-based paint is applied. No Filler requierd.

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  • Anticorrosion properties on all metal surfaces
  • Ready for painting over very quickly
  • Good topcoat

Article information & datasheets

Article number colour size Technical information sheet Safty data sheet
680018 grey / slightly transparent 400 ml TMB (680018, EN)
SDB (680018, EN)

Application notes

Icon Spray pass
Spray pass
Dry film layer 3 - 5 μm (1.5 spray coats)
Icon Flash-off time
Flash-off time
flash off time: approx. 10 - 15 min
Icon Sanding 'Dry'(manually)
Sanding 'Dry'(manually)
Lightly sand with a softpad, if necessary.

Product information