Aerosol technology

Technology and know-how – Made in Germany

The special SprayMax aerosol technology cannot be compared with conventional spray can technology.

It is the optimum interaction of production know-how and aerosol technology, the right combination of hardware (can, valve, spray head, mixing balls) that enables the inimitable SprayMax aerosol technology and the associated system and application benefits.

Application benefits

A spray paint can changes the painting world

A homogenous spray pattern with an even distribution, defined spray edges and little overspray is a guarantee for professional applications regardless of the product, be it fillers, base coats or clearcoats.

The optimum SprayMax spray pattern allows efficient working, particularly in terms of lower overspray and misting, compared to spray guns, making it advantageous for many applications.

The marginal overspray reduces the total process costs which also means less preliminary work, less masking work, less material consumption, less rework and polishing. Therefore, the SprayMax technology is predestined for use in the spot repair field, or wherever professional fast and cost-optimised applications are required.

One important feature of smooth and even painting results is a constant level of pressure during the application.

Due to the unique formulation, the pressure and the yield of the SprayMax aerosol cans remain constant from the beginning of the spraying process until the aerosol can has been sprayed completely empty. All SprayMax 1K and 2K aerosol cans maintain a constant level of pressure (red chart) and a constant yield rate (blue line).

Reference: Report Fraunhofer Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung (IPA), Stuttgart

In spray guns, the compressed air comes from outside and meets the paint particles shortly after it leaves the gun nozzle. This means it is atomised immediately and distributed radially which leads to widespread soiling in the spraying area that needs to be cleaned afterwards.

SprayMax sprays completely differently: The propellant is dissolved in the paint particles. Once the paint particles leave the spray head, the atomisation process continues until the painted surface is reached. On the one hand, there are larger, heavier particles at the origin of the spray jet which means that they are directed more specifically onto the surface being painted. On the other hand, continuous atomisation is guaranteed which leads to an even painting result. Also, the pictures show that the SprayMax spray jet produces much sharper edges than a spray gun, proving that the colour particles are kept together much more effectively and there is much less overspray.

Reference: Report Fraunhofer Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung (IPA), Stuttgart

2K Technology

2K technology – 2 products in one can


  • SprayMax 2K technology comprises 2 components, paint and hardener, in one spray paint can
  • The hardener is integrated in a separate closed cartridge
  • The hardener is activated or released at the push of a button and mixed with the paint material
  • SprayMax 2K technology guarantees excellent product and result quality, on a par with workshop paintwork with a painting gun

Schematic cross-sectional diagram


  • No oxygen penetration thanks to the closed system
  • The hardener is dosed precisely, no mixing Errors
  • No material loss / thanks to precise quantities and mixing ratios

Operating instructions


Adjustable spray head

The spray direction and the spray size can be adjusted optimally to the damage area and size, simply, easily and quickly:

  • Horizontal and vertical adjustable spray direction
  • Stepless (from maximum to minimum) settable spray pattern size
  • The size of the spray pattern can also be modified by means of the spray distance

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