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Rail & Transport

Paint repairs on trains and buses without long downtimes. Whether train, streetcar, bus or gondola, wherever there is paint, paint repairs are also necessary. SprayMax also offers the full selection and flexibility here. We bring the original paint systems into the can. This enables us to offer a time and cost saving repair method directly on site.

Here are some examples of effective paint damage repairs on trains and buses. We distinguish between visible and non-visible areas when repairing paint.

Visible area:

High quality and visual appearance. Scratches and chipping or medium paint damage. Standing paint areas. Damage throughout down to the substrate. With corrosion expression Train head, nose, side wall and boarding doors are the classic areas of application. Individual damage up to size approx. DIN A3.

Non-visible area

Subordinate visual demand. Scratches and chipping or moderate paint damage. Standing paint surfaces. Damage continuous to the substrate. Paint damage in the roof area with corrosion expression, in the lower and upper carriage area, underfloor area, individual damage size up to approx. DIN A3.