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Paint Repair Basic 1K

Process instructions step by step

Step 1

Clean the damaged area and sand with P400.

Step 2

Clean with Solvent Wash.

to the product

Step 3

Carefully mask for 3in1 Primer Shade 1K.

to the product

Step 4

Apply 1K 3in1 Primer Shade 2-3 coats, allow flash time between coats.

to the product

Step 5

Flash dry Primer Shade to a matte finish.

Step 6

Sand by hand with P600.

Step 7

Clean with Wax & Grease Remover.

to the product

Step 8

Prepare for basecoat by cleaning with Tack cloth.

Step 9

Apply the mixed basecoat color (water borne / solvent borne).

to the product

Step 10

Forced flash off.

Step 11

Always allow flash time between coats.

Step 12

After flash-off, apply 1K clearcoat.

to the product

Step 13

Apply 1K Spot Blender 3680093 on the edges of the clear coat then optionally dry with IR.

to the product

Step 14

After about 20 min the result is like new.