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2K Epoxy Primer
Product image for Primer / Primer Filler
Primer / Primer Filler

2K Epoxy Primer

Universal 2K epoxy primer filler for all problematic surfaces; for example, metal, non-ferrous metal, galvanized sheet steel, or anodized aluminum.

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  • Excellent adhesion and corrosion protection properties, even critical surfaces such as aluminium
  • Very smooth flow
  • Outstanding insulating & sealing properties
  • Recoatable with all standard solvent-/ water borne basecoats or single stage topcoats
  • For cleaned and sanded surfaces

Application notes

Icon Spray pass
Spray pass
2 - 3 spray passes each 1.2 - 1.4 mil
Icon Flash-off time
Flash-off time
flash off time: 5min overcoatable: 15 min-12h/68°F
Icon Drying „Infrared device“
Drying „Infrared device“
12h/68°F 30 min/120°F IR: 20 min
Icon Sanding 'Wet / dry'(manually)
Sanding 'Wet / dry'(manually)
P 400 - 500 P 800 - 1200
Icon 2K potlife
2K potlife
Potlife: 4 days/68°F

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