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UV Primer
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UV Primer

Highly efficient and high yield UV Primer. Requires UV-A equipment for curing Best Option: UV-A Mercury Lamp UV-LED Recommendation: UV-A LED lamp with 365nm wave length. UV LED alternative: UV-A LED with 395nm wave length will cure the primer depending on intensity and time of exposure.

SprayMax UV Paint Repair System is comprised of four products that complement each other to complete a repair:
UV Primer part no. 3 680 019
UV Clear part no. 3 680 059
UV Blender part no. 3 680 091
UV Cleaner part no. 3 680 290

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  • High filling capacity
  • Ideal for repaired paintwork
  • Suitable as an insulation filler
  • High productivity

Part information & datasheets

Part No. Color Size Technical information sheet Safety data sheet
3680019 grey-beige TMB (3680019, EN)
TMB (3680019, ES)
SDB (3680019, EN)
SDB (3680019, ES)

Application notes

Icon Spray pass
Spray pass
Dry film thickness 1.6 -2.0 mil (40 μm - 50 μm) approx. 1 - 2 spray coats
Icon Flash-off time
Flash-off time
End flash time before UV curing: approx. 1 min
Icon Drying
after 2 - 4 min dried with an UV-A lamp
Icon Sanding 'Wet / dry'(manually)
Sanding 'Wet / dry'(manually)
Wet sanding with i.e. P 1000 - P 2000 or dry sanding with i.e. P 600 - P 800

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