UVA Filler

UVA-Filler beige is a universal 1K UV curable fille putty used for automotive refinishing and is highly recommended for dents, cracks, scratches and rust holes. The unique properties allow a complete and fast curing process in less than 60 seconds, depending on the thickness applied. The high filling properties guarantee a superior quality result compared to any other product.


  • Easy application.
  • Very fast curing process in less than 60 seconds.
  • Suitable for use on most metal and plastic surfaces.
  • Smooth, uniform and high-quality surface finish.
  • Excellent flexibility.
  • Easy sanding. Requires only light sanding.
  • Can be sanded immediately after curing (no cooling time required).
  • Less dust/powder from sanding.
  • Environmentally-friendly: 100% styrene free and low volatile organic compounds (VOC).
  • Non-flammable product.

Article number

3680800 beige (500g)

UVA Filler

Application notes

'Dry' sanding' (machine)
'Dry' sanding' (machine)

Clean the cured surface with degreaser and wipe with a clean cloth. Sand with P 120 to P 320 grit paper.


Cure the putty by using a UV curing lamp with a
minimum of 7mW / cm2. Curing time recommendation with a UVLED lamp at 1.5 mm thickness.

Storage stability
Storage stability

One Year. Use and store this product in a well-ventilated area below 35° C.