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2K Polyester Filler
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Body filler

2K Polyester Filler

The 2K Polyester Filler is a peroxide activated filler in an aerosol can for a very fast repair of rough surface structures. (e.g. Hail- Dents, rough metal structures, deep sanding marks, orange peel structures, pin holes; others ). Ready for use - no manual mixing of Polyester Filler with peroxide needed. Perfectly suitable for leveling surfaces!

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  • Very long potlife compared to conventional sprayable polyester
  • Filler (2-6h depending on surrounding temperatures)
  • Film build 8-28mil is possible
  • Fast drying 1,5h at room temperature / IR 30min.
  • Easy to sand (very hard surface)
  • Needs to be primed before coating

Part information & datasheets

Part No. Color Size Technical information sheet Safety data sheet
3684026 light grey TMB (3684026, EN)
TMB (3684026, ES)
SDB (3684026, EN)
SDB (3684026, ES)

Application notes

Icon Spray pass
Spray pass
2-5 spray passes 4 - 18 mil
Icon Flash-off time
Flash-off time
flash off time: 5 min
Icon Drying
2 - 4 h /68°F IR: 30 min
Icon Sanding 'Wet / dry'(manually)
Sanding 'Wet / dry'(manually)
P 180 - 500
Icon 2K potlife
2K potlife
Potlife: 6h/68°F

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