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2K DTS Sealer
Product image for Primer / Primer Filler
Primer / Primer Filler

2K DTS Sealer

2K Direct-To-Substrate Sealer. Excellentadhesion to Metal and to most Plasticssurfaces. Can be sanded or topcaptedwet-on wet. (details see TDS)
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  • Very good adhesion and corrosionprotection
  • Fast drying
  • Can be applied under bodyfiller
  • Can be top coated with waterorsolventborne basecoats orsingle stage topcoats

Part information & datasheets

Part No. Color Size Technical information sheet Safety data sheet
3684262 medium grey TMB (3684262, EN)
TMB (3684262, ES)
SDB (3684262, EN)
SDB (3684262, ES)

Application notes

Icon Spray pass
Spray pass
2-3 spray passes 2,4 - 2,8 mil
Icon Flash-off time
Flash-off time
flash off time: 5 – 10 min
Icon Drying „Infrared device“
Drying „Infrared device“
2h / 68°F 40 min / 140°F IR: 15 min
Icon 2K potlife
2K potlife
Potlife: 8h/68°F

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