The world of spray paints

From the revolutionary idea by the founding father to one of the leading spray paint can manufacturers today.

Peter Kwasny Group of companies

The Peter Kwasny Group of companies is considered to be the quality and technology leader in the segment of professional spray paint systems. Kwasny has its own manufacturing for aerosols, touch-up pens, painting preparation materials and plastic parts. The products are marketed successfully worldwide and are handled in an own logistics centre. 

Customers are the international automobile industry, the dyes and paints industry, the manufacturing industry, skilled trades, paint dealers and painters, auto repair paint dealers, painting companies and building and do-it-yourself markets and automobile parts dealerships. Internationally, there are about 350 employees, among those 25 apprentices, employed in the Kwasny Corporate Group.

Annually, approx. 26.5 m units, 2,500 t paint and 35 m plastic parts are produced. The core competences of the Peter Kwasny Group are the sectors of research & development, quality assurance and environmental protection orientation that are documented in the current certifications according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality management system as well as according to the ISO 14001 : 2004 Environment management systems.

Peter Kwasny Inc.

The Peter Kwasny Inc. (PKINC) located in Hauppauge, NY is a 100 % daughter company of the Peter Kwasny GmbH having its place of business in Gundelsheim, Germany. The Business has been established in the year 2005. The PKINC is a Sales Organization for the professional Aerosols of the brand SprayMax in the whole NAFTA region. Within the Sales organization Sales Reps as well as application engineers representing the SprayMax Aerosol business. The PKINC. is operating in all established paint markets like eg. The automotive Industry (OEM); the automotive refinish market (PBE); general and architectural paint industry.

SprayMax the professional aerosol system provides the users with a process cost optimized answer for the repair of small damages. The system is based on 1K and patented 2K professional aerosols. A local warehouse supports an on-time logistic service.

The guidelines referring to ecology, economy and sustainability set by the Peter Kwasny Inc. are an integral part of the philosophy of the PKINC.

A new technology conquers the market

The historical milestones of SprayMax

Kwasny International

Quality and practical environment protection

SprayMax products are only manufactured in Germany in compliance with all relevant environment protection standards. The many years of proven production know-how and continuously improved processes ensure efficiency and reduce energy consumption during production.

When used, SprayMax technology effectively cuts down on material and paint consumption, and also the emission of gases into the environment. In conjunction with the new water-based paints, Kwasny makes a further practical contribution to environment conservation!