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Graphic presentations of the various product applications an repair processes, so-called pictograms, allow language. neutral, fast and understandable explanation of the technical data and the product and application information. The most important and standard pictograms for the SprayMax system are stated below, including the relevant explanations.


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SprayMax is a professional, technical system for professionals. Despite product descriptions or extensive technical process descriptions, some questions remain unanswered. The following shows the most frequently asked questions in the past and our answers. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, just contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions!

It may not have been correctly shaken, shake again for 2 minutes. Paint spray can or the content is possibly too cold. Bring the spray paint can to the recommended processing temperature. There may be product components left in the riser tube and valve. Turn the spray paint can upside down and spray twice so that the propellant releases the residues and transports them to the outside.

Might the spray paint can be empty? Shake until the mixing balls can be heard.
Might the valve be clogged? Wipe all residues from the spray head nozzle, turn the spray paint can upside down and spray twice briefly.

The optimum painting temperature (ambient temperature) with aerosol cans is approx 15-25C° and approx. 40-80 % relative humidity. At low temperatures the spray paint cans should be tempered slightly. This is necessary for the application behaviour.

By the weight of the can and the audible mixing balls in conjunction with the production date that is stated in a code on the base of the can, on the knurled edge of the can or in the can dome. The shelf life of a 1K aerosol can is 5 years, the shelf life of a 2K aerosol can is 3 years. Please send us the product designation and, if possible, the item number and code so we can establish this.

The application starts outside the processing surface. It is applied completely across the surface and the spray coat ends outside the actual processing surface.

In contrast to 'universal solutions', the formulas of the SprayMax FillClean products are precisely matched to the products being filled. This matching improves the precision, quality and ultimately the finish and appearance.

The mechanics in the system require at least 7.5-8 bar. A lower pressure will lead to malfunctions.

The difference lies in the can caps. On the 1K FillClean products, the special can cap can be used in the device as an insert in the filling cylinder at the same time. . This is not possible with 2K Fill In products because the activate button is in the can cap. 2K spray paint cans are therefore always Fill In versions. The separate cap set including the adapter ring must be used to fill 2K spray pant cans in the FillClean device.

The pot life of a 2K aerosol can dose is the possible processing time after the separate, integrated, closed hardener cartridge has been triggered. The processing time depends on the product and hardener components. The potlife is stated on the aerosol can with a pictogram. The potlife depends on the (ambient) temperature. Higher temperatures reduce the potlife, lower temperatures will prolong it.

The storage period for 1K aerosol cans is 5 years assuming that the storage temperature is approx. 20°C on average. The product can be used during this time provided that the valve has been sprayed empty and that the aerosol can is shaken for 2 minutes again before being used.

No. Due to its construction and the fact that the Variator is designed for specific filling materials, it cannot be used for all aerosol cans.

No. There are more than 8 different spray heads used in the SprayMax product range. With different technologies and spray behaviours. The Variator is ideal here because the spray direction and the spray pattern size can be steplessly adjusted.

Basically, all products and product combinations, even different hardener systems and hardener mixing ratios. The trick is to create the right formula and the best combination of the product components.

The SprayMax 2K technology is leading. The SprayMax 2K technology is patented. Only the SprayMax technology has a hardener cartridge with an integrated multiple seal system and the safe and uncomplicated activate mechanism.

A special aerosol technology is used for SprayMax products. This technology includes the optimum combination of formula, propellant mix, filling product and can technology in combination with extensive production know-how.