• Base coats and top coats

2K Fill In

Two-component spray can pre-filled with propellant, solvent and isocyanate-based hardener for subsequent filling with 2K top coats. See technical information for the fluid paint.

The colour/brand filling you want from retailers!


  • See technical information for the fluid paint
  • Very good atomisation like a paint gun
  • Very good flow properties
  • Pot life is at least twice as long as stated in the technical information issued by the paint manufacturer
  • Paint results like factory paintwork
  • e.g. einzAmix Lawidur 2K PU Colour paint, high gloss and silk gloss

Article number

690450 (400 ml)

2K Fill In

Application notes

Spray pass
Spray pass

2 spray coats

Flash-off time
Flash-off time

Flash-off time: depending on manufacturer


Yield: approx. 1 m² for 100 μm

Drying „Dust dry“
Drying „Dust dry“

Drying 1: depending on manufacturer

Technical information sheets

Technical information sheet (690450, EN)

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