• Base coats and top coats

1K / 2K FillClean® Aerosol Filling Machine

FillClean is a pneumatic aerosol filling machine for refillable Kwasny aerosols, for solvent- and water-borne based paint of automotive paint manufacturers.


  • Easy to operate
  • No cleaning and no waste
  • Non-toxic to health and skin
  • Space-saving and simplifies the task at hand
  • Compliant with VOC regulations
  • Simple and reliable in use
  • Low investment costs
  • Added benefit through colour indication on the cap
  • Every desired tone can be filled in the nuance of choice

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1K / 2K FillClean® Aerosol Filling Machine

Included in delivery

  • FillClean Filling Machine
  • FillClean Filling Cylinder with integrated cap remover

Technical data

  • Pneumatic operating principle
  • Diameter 132 mm
  • Height 366 mm
  • Door height 123 mm
  • Unladen weight 4 kg
  • Total weight 4,23 kg
  • Filling cylinder Diameter 135 mm Height 65 mm
  • Capacity 100 ml
  • Filling pressure 7-9 bar/100-130 psi
  • Breaking point 60 bar/approx. 870 psi
  • Usage temperature +5°C until +50°C (+41 until +122 degrees F)


An important technical modification has been performed on the FillClean filling device. An original colour tone can only be filled using the inserted filling pad. The new FillClean filling device has been equipped with the corresponding safety mechanism.

The FillClean fixing plate serves the simple and fault-free attachment and guidance of the pressure hose thereby guaranteeing safe and precise filling of the original colour tone. Furthermore, the stability of the FillClean device is improved by the fixing plate.

Art.No.: 990 242
VE: 1

The FillClean cap set allows filling of SprayMax 2K Fill In for 2K solvent-based top coats and 1K Fill In cans.

Art.No.: 990 246
VE: 6

The FillClean filling adapter is used when filling 250 ml cans to ensure the smaller can stands stably during filling.

Art.No.: 990 014
VE: 1

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