Everything for painters, for indoors and outdoors

High-quality paintwork in rooms, on non-mobile objects, paint jobs using original manufacturer paints, insulations, primers and paintwork on various materials including polystyrene , sheet metal, aluminium, ceramic and wood. High-quality appearance and environmentally-friendly properties. The SprayMax range always has the right answer whatever the different requirements.

Application areas

Application areas in detail

  • Inhabited and empty objects
  • Small to medium-sized surfaces
  • Renovation, restoration, design objects
  • Door frames (metal / wood)
  • Indoor window frames (wood / plastic / metal)
  • Railing
  • Wall and floor tiles
  • Wall design
  • Fuse boxes / switch cabinets
  • Elevator cabins, doors
  • Cable ducts

Paint repair

1. Type of damage

2. Repairlevel