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Headlight Restoration Kit

The Headlight Restoration Kit consistsof two SprayMax aerosols, the 1K HeadlightPrimer and the 2K Headlight ClearCoat. Detailed instructions for use areincluded in the Kit. Following these instructionwill restore a yellowed and wornout headlight lens back into a shiny, newlooking headlight. The kit delivers a durableand UV resistant protection to thelens.


1K Headlight Primer

  • waterbased product
  • provides excellent adhesion properties and seals the lense from being attacked by solvents when the 2K Headlight Clear Coat is applied

2K Headlight Clear Coat

  • provides durable UV and weathering resistance
  • Protection against physicaldamages (Stonechips)

Article number

3684099Headlight Repair Kit

36840981K Headlight Primer

36840662K Headlight Clear Coat

Headlight Restoration Kit

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