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2K FillClean® for 2K single stage topcoats

For the filling of the specific color tone of 2K single stage topcoats in the brands and qualities offered by the paint manufacturers mentioned (as follows). The result is a ready-to-use SprayMax 2K aerosol can. The best product and quality results are guaranteed.

In order to guarantee the filling of the 2K FillClean with the new FillClean filling equipment, the FillClean caps are needed (Art.No. 990 246).

2K FillClean® for 2K single stage topcoats

Article number

Urethane Fill In Version A 3680080
Urethane Fill In Version A 3684080 (1.7fl.oz)
Urethane Fill In Version G 3680086
Urethane Fill In Version H 3680088
Brand Series Art.Nr. FillClean Series
Centari Acrylic Enamel 3680080* A
Imron 5.0 X 3680080* A
Imron Industrial strength Ultra VOC PUR HG Topcoat 3680086 G
Imron 3.5 MG 3680086 G
LIMCO 2 Acrylic Enamel 3680080* A
LIMCO 3 Urethane 3680080* A
Nason Full Acryl II 3680080* A
Nason Full-Thane 3680088 H
OMNI MTK 3680080* A
OMNI MTV 3680080* A
Pro-Spray Single Stage 3680080* A
R-M UNO-HD 3680080* A
R-M UNO-HD 3680080* A
Sherwin-Williams Genesis 3680080* A
Shop-Line JLV 3.5 Low VOC Direct Gloss 3680080* A
Shop-Line JC660 ClearCoat 3680080* A
Shop-Line JP202 Urethane Primer 3680080* A
Spies Hecker Permacron 257 3680080* A
Standox MS 3680080* A
U-Tech High Solids PUR 3680088 H
U-Tech 3.5 PUR System 3680088 H
U-Tech 3.8 HSP 3680088 H
Valspar 852 Polyurethane 3680088 H
Wanda Wanda PU 2K HS Topcoat 3680080* A

* Also available as 3 684 080 for the filling of 1.7fl.oz. Requires the purchase of FillClean caps 990 246

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