1K FillClean® for 1K water-borne basecoats

For the filling of the specific color tone of water-borne 1K base paints in the brands and qualities offered by the paint manufacturers (as follows).

The result is a ready-to-use SprayMax 1K aerosol can filled with 1K water-borne basecoats. The best product and quality results are guaranteed.

1K FillClean® for 1K water-borne basecoats

Article number

Water-borne Basecoats Series B 3682076
Water-borne Basecoats Series C 3682077
Water-borne Basecoats Series D 3682078
Water-borne Basecoats Series E 3682079
Manufacturer Brand Series Art.No. FillClean Series
Akzo Nobel Lesonal Basecoat WB 3682076 B
Akzo Nobel Sikkens Autowave 3682076 B
Axalta Cromax CromaxPro 3682079 E
Axalta Spies Hecker Hi-Tec 480 3682079 E
Axalta Standox Standoblue 3682079 E
BASF Glasurit 90-Line 3682077 C
BASF R-M Onyx HD 3682077 C
Lusid GEN 20 Basecoat WB 3682076 B
PPG Nexa Autocolor Aquabase Plus 3682078 D
PPG PPG Envirobase B/C 3682078 D
Pro Spray N/A H2O 3682072 Low
SEM SEM Sure-Coat Vinyl Mixing 3682076 B
Sherwin Williams Ultra 9K Ultra 9K 3682077 C
Valspar Debeer Waterbase 900 3682077 C


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