1K FillClean® for 1K solvent-based basecoats

For the filling of the specific color tone of solvent 1K base paints in the brands and qualities offered by the paint manufacturers (as follows).

The result is a ready-to-use SprayMax 1K aerosol can filled with 1K solvent base basecoat. The best product and quality results are guaranteed.

* Ultra Low Viscosity Basecoats 3682073
For Ultra Low Viscosity paints like Acrylic Enamals, Alkyds, catalyzed Coating and reduced solvent basecoats.

Article number

High Viscosity Basecoats 3682071
Low Viscosity Basecoats 3682072
Very Low Viscosity Basecoats 3684360 (1.7fl.oz)
Ultra Low Viscosity Basecoats 3682073
Manufacturer Brand Series Art. No. Viscosity
Akzo Nobel Lesonal Basecoat SB 3682071 High
Akzo Nobel Sikkens Autobase Plus MM/RM 3682071 High
Akzo Nobel Wanda Wandabase 3682071 High
Automotive Art Motobase Motobase LV 3682071 High
Axalta Cromax ChromaBase 3682072 Low
Axalta Nason Ful- Base B/C / Fast Dry Acrylic Enamel (S/S) 3682071 High
Axalta Spies Hecker Permacron 293/295 3682071 High
Axalta Standox Basecoat 3682071 High
Axalta Montana Big Sky 3682071 High
BASF Limco Supreme Plus 3682071 High
BASF R-M Diamont 3682071 High
Besa Urkimix Series 500 3682071 High
Dulux (PPG) Spectracron Acrylic Modified Enamel 3682071 High
Dulux (PPG) Metalclad Urethane Fortified Enamel 3682071 High
Dulux (PPG) Aquacron Water Reducible Alkyd 3682071 High
Lusid GenRock / GenVerde Basecoat 3682071 High
Matrix MPB Basecoat 3682071 High
PPG PPG CPC Acrylic Enamel / Deltron B/C / Shop-Line / Omni 3682071 High
Pro Spray N/A B/C 3682071 High
Sherwin- Williams Dimension B/C 3682072 Low
Sherwin- Williams Ultra 7000 B/C 3682071 High
Valspar Debeer BeroBase 500 series 3682071 High
Valspar Refinish 999 Series B/C 3682071 High

Article number

3682071High Viscosity Basecoats

3682072Low Viscosity Basecoats

3684360Very Low Viscosity Basecoats

3682073Ultra Low Viscosity Basecoats

1K FillClean® for 1K solvent-based basecoats


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