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SprayMax 2K clear coat

2 component clear coat with very high chemical, petrol and weather resistance for high-quality and long lasting sealing of repairs and new paint jobs on vehicles and motorcycles.


  • Greatest abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Very smooth flowing
  • Permanent high gloss
  • Very good buffability
  • No colour tone deviation
  • Excellent paint condition
  • Also suitable at higher ambient temperatures

Art.-No.:   (400ml)
680 065 transparent matt (16+/-2 gloss units at 85° measuring angle)
680 067 transparent semi gloss (36+/-2 gloss units at 60° measuring angle)
680 061 transparent gloss (88+/-4 gloss units at 20° measuring angle)

Technical Information


  • Touch-ups on parts and repair paint areas
  • Solvent and water-diluted basecoat systems after drying according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Old paint, cleaned and sanded


  • The substrate must be free of dust and fat. Shake can well for 2 min before use. Perform a trial spray.

Activate 2K:

  • Shake the can well for 2 min. before activating
  • Remove the red push button from the cap.
  • Turn can 180° and put the push button on the pin in the can bottom.
  • Turn the can with the cap upside down onto a stable base.
  • Press the red trigger button with the ball of your thumb until the limit.
  • After activating, shake can well for 2 min. once again.

Spray application:

  • 1-2 spray applications
  • Approx. 30μm per spray application
  • Flash off time between the sprays: 10-15 min depending on temperature

Drying times:

  • 12h at 20°C
  • 35-30 min at 60°C
  • IR drying recommended

Application life:

  • 48h at 20°C room temperature
  • The application life depends on the ambient temperature
  • Higher temperatures lead to shortened, lower temperatures to a longer pot life.

Gloss level:

  • High gloss


  • Approx. 0.5m² - 1m² / spray can depending on the application thickness and substrate


  • To be used by specialists only
  • Wear personal protection gear (respirator type: A2/P2 safety gloves, e.g. Latex or nitrile)
  • After finishing the painting process, turn the can over and spray the valve empty.
  • Dispose of the completely empty spray cans as recyclable material